Based on a true story that happened in 1976 on the border between Djibouti and Somalia. Somali rebels kidnap a school bus with 21 French children and an American teacher, and drive it to no-man's-land on the border between the French colony and Somalia. The French Captain, André Gerval, leads a special intervention team of the famous GIGN, taking on the burden and the risk of intervening in an action that, although it will last 15 minutes, will seem like an eternity.



Genre: Action Drama
Fred Grivois
Production: Raphaël Rocherm, Henri Debeurne (Capture The Flag Films)
Co-production: Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Olivier Bronckart
Main Actors: Olga Kurylenko, Alban Lenoir, Sébastien Lalanne, David Murgia, Michaël Abiteboul, Vincent Perez, Josiane Balasko
Photography: Guillaume Schiffman - AFC
Country: Francia
Year: 2018