About us

Sun Film Group S.p.A. is the mother star of the group around which the principal eight planets orbit, that are Sun Film S.r.L., Polifemo S.r.L., Moon Pictures S.r.L., Hermes Film S.p.A., Pop Movies S.r.L., Quirinetta S.r.L., Ristoart S.r.L., Caicco Ebrum S.r.L.
Sun Film Group S.p.A. was born in 2017, collecting the experience of Sun Film s.r.l., born in 2014, and working immediately and successfully in the production and distribution of international film and audiovisual projects.

After the release in 2016 of "Mine", an international co-production with the United States and Spain and which achieved 1,500,000 euros at the box office in Italy, in 2016 it co-produced "Lola + Jeremy" in France (already Blockbuster) by July Hygreck, in 2017 "Anche Senza di Te" by Francesco Bonelli, "Patrick" by Mandie Fletcher (and distributed for the UK by Walt Disney), and "The Tracker" by Giorgio Serafini starring Dolph Lundgren.
In the same year it joined a co-production with Barry Navidi and Al Pacino, for the upcoming film with the temporary title "Modigliani".
In the course of 2018, the Sun Film Group takes over the ownership of the historical Teatro Cinema Quirinetta and the management of the RistoArt Quirinetta restaurant in the heart of Rome. It is also the year of the participation as distributors at the Cinè-Riccione professional trade fair, in which the first catalogue was presented and subsequent proclamation with the winning of the Best Distributor Award at the Taormina Film Festival.
The company has reinforced until arriving at one of the most important events of international cinema such as the 75th Venice International Film Festival, as distributors of the film "The Anarchist Banker" by Giulio Base, based on the Portuguese writer's book Pessoa, world premiere in the SCONFINI section, and as official sponsor of the 33. SIC - International Film Critics' Week.
The strength of the Sun Film Group S.p.A. is represented by both the professional team and the business strategy that allows the company to gather financial resources to better plan the purchasing and production of content, as well as investment in general, since the copyright ownership represents a successful critical element.

A circular business model that goes from training with the Sun Film Academy, passing through the production, distribution, the Quirinetta Theater / Cinema / Music and its restaurant. The entry into the production of television series will represent the next step in the growth of the model of business. In order to make the Sun Film Group system more and more desirable to investors, we work every day to tighten and improve multi-year agreements with the traditional film channels, with all the major television broadcasters and with the big digital media operators, both Italian both international. Furthermore, to consolidate more and more the relationship with our investors, the issuance of participatory instruments and the future listing on the market will be imminent.

Our mission

The heel of Italy is our starting point, but from the beginning, our gaze has been projected to the great international cinema. Ours is not just an ambition, but also a real approach: to focus on quality in order to reach ever-higher goals.

Sun Film Group aims to compete with the top of the class.

Our vision

Apulia has always been a central hub for communications and exchanges between different peoples. The Apulia of the future will no longer be just a film set of productions from all over the world, but a focal point of cinema from the whole Mediterranean towards the world market.