Myriam Catania is Sara Cordelli, a young and precarious teacher, tired of abuse and instability, waiting for a professorship. Beautiful, ironic, full of charm, Sara is also a fragile woman, so that she cannot be alone even for a few hours because she suffers from autophobia, or a disorder related to the worry of not being loved and the fear of being abandoned. To make things more complicated, Nicola Torricella (Nicolas Vaporidis), a teacher in the school where she works, who between one lesson and another, does not miss an opportunity to provoke her. For years, Sara has been engaged to Andrea (Matteo Branciamore), a talented and ambitious doctor whose career is hampered by power lobbies. The decisive event in the story is a serious car accident in which the head of the hospital is involved, an event that pushes Andrea to make the decision to accept an offer of work received from the United States. Andrea leaves for Boston and Sara sees that abandonment that she had always feared and that perhaps, with her daily anxiety, has helped to determine. Then there is Rocco (Alessio Sakara), a porn actor in crisis, who turns out to be a sincere friend and ready to give comfort to Sara without expecting anything in return in removing her from trouble at the appropriate time.

A whirlwind of events will lead the protagonists to confront each other about life and love, until Sara understands which are the real people to be surrounded.



Genre: Romantic Comedy
Francesco Bonelli
Screenplay: Francesco Bonelli, Valentina Mezzacapa, Claudio Dedola, in collaboration with Sara Perucci
Production: HERMES FILM S.p.A.
Executive Producer: Marco De Rossi
Photography: Raffaele Massa
Marco Dentici
Elisabetta Giacchi
Francesca Timpieri
Years: 2018
Runtime: 107’