Angel Face in Italian cinemas on October 25t
Angel Face was highly anticipated at the Cannes Film Festival as director Vanessa Filho’s debut feature boasts the presence of Oscar-winning Marion Cotillard in the cast. The film will also be released in Italian cinemas on October 25th. The French director brings to the big screen an intense and dramatic story, all-female.

Locandina Angel Face

The troubled relationship between an absent mother and a wise but fragile daughter.
Marlène (Marion Cotillard) and Elli (Ayline Aksoy-Etaix), a mother and an 8-year-old daughter, in a small town on the Côte d’Azur, behave strangely to alleviate boredom and hide from social services. When Marlène gives in to another night of excess, she chooses to leave Elli for a man she has just met. The girl has to face her mother’s demons to get her back with her.

Marion Cotillard, a fragile and reckless mother.
The desperation of a young woman who cannot be a mother as she would like, poised between love for her daughter and an unstoppable need to escape from difficult situations. Oscar-winning Marion Cotillard once again demonstrates her intensity as an actress with an absolutely perfect performance.

Elli, the very young revelation of Angel Face
Ayline Aksoy-Etaix, who plays Elli, has an expressive and emotional strength out of the ordinary, qualities that make her a talent that will surely return to talk about herself. Her character moves in a contradictory way: while on one hand she proves to be more responsible than her mother, on the other hand she shows all her fragility in the deviant and excessive attitudes she sees in her only parent.

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