At the end of a dinner in his unadorned armored palace, a powerful banker celebrates his birthday frugally.
The anniversary is an opportunity to satisfy the curiosity of the only diner (and perhaps only friend) regarding his mysterious but irresistible rise to a huge wealth.
Son of the people, the banker claims that his economic empire stems from a will of evolved social struggle, which must be carried out in solitude, but no less radical than the ideology of those who profess themselves hard and pure anarchists.
The banker maintains that the act of isolation is the only way to lead a true revolutionary life, for a political militancy superior to that of his old comrades in rebellion that he now apostrophizes as "the whores of the libertarian doctrine".
The man stuns the guest with a cultured sophisticated exposition full of incendiary ideas against the injustices of the bourgeoisie and fierce denunciations against the overwhelming power of the deadly poison that undermines our freedom from within: money.
Money that the banker has collected without scruples and without rules. To be free, he says. Shameless.
Written by the brilliant Portuguese poet in 1922 and translated into more than a hundred languages around the world, this is the first time that Fernando Pessoa's story has been adapted for the big screen.



Genre: Drama
Giulio Base
Subject and screenplay: Giulio Base adapted from the book ‘O Banqueiro Anarquista - Conto De Raciocinio’ by Fernando Pessoa
Actors: Giulio Base, Paolo Fosso
Photography: Giuseppe Riccobene
Pietro Freddi; bonus track “L’anarchico” by Sergio Cammariere
Walter Caprara
Interior Design:
Alessandra Martelli
Cristiana Alagna
Gabriele Burchiellaro
Stefano Civitenga
Production: Agnus Dei Production in collaboration with Rai Cinema
Co-production: Solaria Film, Alberteam Grou
Distribuction: Sun Film Group
Country: Italy
Year: 2018
Runtime: 82’