The film was awarded with the plaque “Profondo giallo 2018 in Piacenza.

Black Tide (Fleuve noire) is a gloomy detective film, which keeps the viewer glued to the screen waiting for the final to be revealed. The French call it “polar“, from the contraction of policier and littérature noir.
The disappearance of the adolescent Dany opens the film, an intricate mystery that takes on increasingly gloomy contours.
The secrets of the suspects are the background to the investigations conducted by the Detective François Visconti, played by Vincent Cassel, with the “unsolicited” help of Yann Bellaile (Romain Duris), former professor of the missing boy and writer in search of thrills. But in this impenetrable detective story nothing is as it seems…

Black Tide, presented by Sun Film Group, was given its national premiere at the Profondo Giallo, festival of Noir, held in Piacenza on November 17th and 18th.

At the national premiere on Sunday, November 18, at 21:00 at the Cinema Politeama, Ritz Hall, was present the director Érick Zonca, who was given the plaque “Profondo Giallo 2018“.

An appointment not to be missed for fans of thriller and noir!