Jeremy, 27, is a graphic designer and with his friend Mathias runs the agency ‘Wanted Alibi desperately’ to create fake alibis through invoices, receipts and bills for unfaithful boyfriends.
Lola, 25, works in a comic shop and is passionate about superheroes and Michel Gondry's films, especially ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ which she never gets tired of seeing again.
Lola and Jeremy decide to film, every moment of their love story, to create a sort of daily video-diary to be reviewed in ten years, even if they will no longer be together. Lola, too curious, cannot resist and starts looking at them on her own. Video after video, she finds one she should not have seen: Jeremy and her messed-up friends are talking about her even before they even met and Jeremy's plan to shoot a video diary to show his dying father in the hospital.
Lola is disappointed, distressed and betrayed, splits up with him whose only purpose, from that moment on, will be to try to win her back. Hopeless, he thinks of putting together a group of weird superheroes, who kidnap famous people. The ransom? Lola. So, the streets of the Parisian suburbs come alive with a ragged band of comic heroes, committed to organizing and thwarting as many impossible kidnappings.
In the film three little cameos, the director Michel Gondry as himself, the drummer Manu Katché, for years alongside Peter Gabriel and the rapper Youssoupha.



Genre: Romantic Comedy
July Hygreck
Screenplay: July Hygreck and Tom Hygreck
Photography: Antoine Roch
Editing: Thomas Fernandez
Scenography: Tony Egry e Tiny Hygreck
Costume: Aurore Pierre
Music: Herman Dune, Audrey Ismael
Special Effect: Gilles Pointeau
France Production: Rosebud Entertainment Pictures, Virginie Films
Italy Production: SUN FILM S.r.L.,HERMES FILM S.p.A., POLIFEMO S.R.L.
Italy Distribution: SUN FILM GROUP S.p.A.
Country: Francia
Year: 2017
Runtime: 85’