The film, based on the crime thriller success of Dror A. Mishani “A Missing File”, arrives in Italian cinemas on November 22nd.

A very dense mystery surrounds Dany’s disappearance. Investigating the disappearance of this teenager is detective François Visconti (Vincent Cassel), who is resentful and out of his mind, and who can no longer put together the pieces of his life that have been put to the test even by the relationship with his son, who seems to be involved in drug trafficking.

The policeman is not the only one to investigate: even Mr. Yann Bellaile, Dany’s professor, “self-initiates” to support investigations for entirely personal reasons. But the thrill of mystery can cloud problems until it endangers Yann’s reason, freedom and family and the attempt to escape mediocrity can turn into an obsession.

Erick Zonca stages a story that deals with the sometimes difficult, sometimes terrible relationship between parents and children, painted through an intricate plot, riddled with false trails and suffused with a mistreated and violent humanity.

Black Tide will leave you breathless until the end.
From November 22nd at the cinema.