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Sun Film Group S.p.A. is an Italian production and distribution company.

Since our debut in 2014, we have dedicated ourserlves to projects with an international scope, co-producing the 2017 film Mine, a true revelation by Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro, and  – among many – the British comedy Patrick, released by Disney in UK. Our production strategy centers around films aimed at an international audience, such as The Tracker and Hard Night Falling (both starring Dolph Lundgren), selected by Red Sea and bought by Lionsgate in the US.

In terms of distribution, our titles range from high-quality European films, such as Angel Face (Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2018) and The Emperor of Paris (with a budget of €22M and bought by Gaumont), to American movies of the likes of Skin (by Oscar®-winning director Guy Nattiv), Eve (a female-driven action thriller by Voltage) and The Glorias: A Life on the Road (by Film Nation).

Our slate is more and more focused on high-quality films with recognizable casts and compelling stories that can captivate a wide audience.

Our recent Roma’s office opening and the acquisition of a new management with a strong track record are allowing us to look to the future with more ambition and exciting new projects in the pipeline.

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