Director: July Hygreck
Cast: Syrus Shahidi, Charlotte Gabris, Tom Hygreck, Gunther Love, Laura Boujenah, Foëd Amara, Lionel Abelanski

Lola is a 25-year-old superhero aficionado and Michel Gondry fan working in a comic book store. Jeremy is a graphic designer running an agency specializing in fake alibis for unfaithful boyfriends. Happily in love, they decide to do a video diary of their life, filming every moment spent together. Lola, however, can’t resist the enthusiasm and decides to watch some of them on her own, only to find a video where Jeremy tells his group of friends of his intentions to shoot a video-diary just so that he can show it to his dying father in the hospital. Feeling betrayed and disappointed, Lola dumps him. But Jeremy really is in love with her and is determined to do everything in his power to win her back…

The film participated at Alice Nella città: an independent event dedicated to young directors running parallel to Festa del Cinema di Roma.

An SFG coproduction bought by Netflix for an international release.

Defined by Ansa as “love during the video age”, this French comedy is inspired by the world of Michel Gondry, who appears in the film in a hilarious cameo playing himself.

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