New Management Announced

To look to the future and face ever greater challenges, SunFilm has strengthened its management team. Since June 1st, Antonio Adinolfi and Daniela Robustelli have joined SunFilm respectively as distribution director and commercial director. With their time at Videa coming to an end, the two managers were called by SunFilm with the aim of improving and strengthening the production and distribution structure.

“The choice of having Adinolfi and Robustelli with us,” Sun Film Group managing directors Patricia Ferusella and Paolo Monaci explain, “was born from the strong desire to be ambitious and establish ourselves both as producers and independent distributors, and we are confident that together we will do a great job.”

The addition of Adinolfi and Robustelli follows that of Nicoletta De’ Vecchi, director of TV, home video and digital distribution, back in May.

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