Director: Giorgio Serafini
Cast: Francesca Inaudi, Giuseppe Zeno, Marco Mazzoli, Karla Sofia Gascòn

Chloe and Alessandro are two friends in their 30s that go way back. They currently share a large apartment, Chloe working for a cook recipe publishing house and Alessandro as an up-and-coming painter.

Despite being good friends, their ways of approaching men-related problems are entirely different. Alessandro lives his homosexuality with deep maturity despite all the difficulties that come with living in a small town, whereas Chloe is constantly looking for a Prince Charming that never comes.

Their equilibrium is suddenly turned on its head when Roberto arrives. The trio becomes inseparable, appreciating every moment of that curious, unexpected and unconformist adventure they share. Together they grow stronger, each complementing one another: Roberto overcomes his bigotry, Chloe is finally happy and Alessandro is happy for them both. But then… Chloe becomes pregnant.

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