Sun Film Group’s Phase 2.0 presented at Ciné in Riccione

SunFilm director Patrizia Fersurella has presented the company’s phase 2.0 with its new management as a fundamental part of it. The presentation took place at Ciné: Giornate Professionali di Cinema di Riccione. Further news will follow in the coming months which will launch the company in international markets. Here are some highlights from Fersurella’s interview with Box Office:

“After attending the market for the first time in 2018, we are back in Riccione announcing a further revival of the company or, more fashionably, presenting SFG’s phase 2.0. We proudly announce the new Management to which the entire production and distribution is entrusted: Antonio Adinolfi, as Director of Distribution and Production, and Daniela Robustelli in the role of Commercial Director. They are recognized professionals in the industry and will bring added value to our projects. The enormous financial effort will come full circle with the experience that a company in this sector needs. Adinolfi’s and Robustelli’s entry follows that of Nicoletta De’ Vecchi as Head of Post-Theatrical Sales. We’re postponing our slate’s official presentation to Giornate Professionali di Sorrento in autumn, where we will also announce further news about us.

“The general impression is that the box office is struggling. Of course, since January we’ve seen great movies hit theatres, such as Green Book or Avengers: Endgame, but I think the average product has some difficulty making room. This naturally depends on many factors, such as seasonality, product and the crowding of new releases in a few months of the year. Given this scenario, however, I would like to say a few words about the work done by everyone on seasonality: the effort made by associations, distributions, and other operators in the sector from major companies to minor ones, has been incredible. It was a courageous job. And it seems to me that in May we’re already seeing positive signs in this regard, partly due to the winter climate lingering on. But the start brings hope. We’ll see what happens in the hotter months, but we are confident.”

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