Director: Giorgio Serafini
Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Elizabeth Kinnear, Marco Mazzoli, Marta Gastini, Cosimo Fusco, Anna Falchi

Ten years ago, Aiden Hakansson’s wife and daughter were kidnapped and killed during their holidays in Italy. Since then, Aiden has isolated himself from the rest of the world and wakes up every night tormented by the memory. His only objective is to get ready for the moment in which he can finally get revenge. Warned by the Italian inspector, Aiden returns to the crime scene in Taranto to discover the truth on what happened years back. And so begins his personal hunt for the people responsible and the discovery of an unexpected truth.

Undisputed star of the film is Dolph Lundgren, known for his role in Rocky IV as Ivan Drago and an action icon ever since. Marco Mazzoli, a DJ from Zoo di 105, features in the film in the unlikely role of the man with the gun.

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